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The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphia residents in employment law cases. It deals with various employment law issues, such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on age, race, and religion. It strives to provide personal representation by creating a strategy designed to meet the legal needs of each client. The team also handles personal injury and general litigation. The firm's managing attorney and founder, Jason L. Pearlman, worked with trial lawyers before founding his firm.

Their communication and guidance was exceptional and much appreciated. They were always available to me and attentive to all my needs. An excellent professional and confidant in legal matters.

The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia-based employment law firm, was established in 2011. There are additional offices in New York (Newark) and New York (New York). The firm represents employees in all areas related to employment law, including discrimination. It also handles ADA violations. The firm has the experience to bring cases before both federal and state courts.

Each member of staff at The Lacy Employment Law is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of each client. Every case is different, so our staff gives individual attention to each client who comes to us for legal advice. Every member of The Lacy Employment Law has years of experience in handling a variety of employment law issues. We are committed to offering the best legal service for employees facing difficult issues.

We will provide transparency to all clients, an honest case assessment, and 100% commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for every client. We are proud to assist clients who don't want their employer's illegal conduct to define their future.

Employers who misuse funds, break safety and employment regulations, or violate any other law must be held responsible. The only ones who know about the violation are often the employees.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law offers legal services to clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Employers and employees are represented by the firm in various employment law matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower claims, retaliation and wilful omissions, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination based on gender, race and ethnicity. This firm is available to small businesses without an in-house legal department. The firm's attorney, The Lacy Employment Law has almost 30 years of litigation experience.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents New Jerseyans and Pennsylvanians. The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents residents throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Bucks County. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is able to represent individuals who live in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including South Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia. South Philadelphia. East Falls. Chestnut Hill. Huntingdon Valley. Rydal. Bethayres. Meadowbrook. Perkasie. Yardley. New Hope. Pocono. Scranton. Reading. Elizabethtown. Quakertown. Ephrata. Williamsport. Leesport. Lehighton. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will represent New Jersey residents who are located in Cherry Hill. Trenton. Flemington. Camden. Gloucester. Mount Laurel. Egg Harbor. Atlantic City. Westfield. Deptford. Voorhees. Princeton. Toms River. Middletown. Franklin. Hunterdon County.

All parties could evaluate the matter from fully informed points-of view. In the end, a just and fair solution was reached in a professional manner that was acceptable to all. This result has afforded me the opportunity to prepare for a new professional career (now progressing successfully) without having to face the undue financial hardships that would have occurred had I "gone it alone", or hired the wrong law firm.The experience, knowledge and client dedication of Lacy Employment Law and his firm made it possible for me to make a new start in life. Seeking the best legal representation possible in employment matters is one of the best decisions a person could ever make, and The Lacy Employment Law Firm are the best.

labor lawyers Philadelphia

Are you being denied leave or retaliated against because of your request under the Family and Medical Leave Act

A: Unfair treatment does not necessarily mean unlawful treatment. Unfair treatment is not governed by laws. This could include bosses who bully employees or people who make unfair decisions about their time due to nepotism, mood or other factors. These issues are not grounds for a court argument. They do not stand in the same category as unjust judgements based on race or age. If unfair treatment is unlawful, an employment lawyer can help.

Are you being retaliated against because of complaining about unfair or discriminatory treatment at work or reporting possible illegal activities at work?


The Lacy Employment Law provides legal representation to individuals who have been subject to illegal employment discrimination, retaliation, and harassment at work. Employees are represented by our lawyers in cases regarding wrongful termination, whistleblower and disability claims, medical leaves, medical benefits, wage and hours claims, employment contracts and severance agreements. Stock option plans and class action lawsuits are also included.

The Lacy Employment Law provides legal representation for clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas in the area of employment law. It is a law firm that focuses on discrimination in employment, including race, national origin, age, religion affiliation, and disability. It can also assist with sexual harassment cases at work. Since 1947, the Lacy Employment Law has been protecting clients from injustices and injuries. It supports organizations like Berks Community Health Center and United Steelworkers. It caters to clients who can speak English or Spanish.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm has a reputation for being a premier Employment Law Firm. They are consistently ranked the best Employment Law Firms in Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law is also a Super Lawyer. As I saw in my own case, these accolades are well-deserved. I was offered a complimentary and comprehensive initial consultation. This is their normal practice. Other firms would charge me upwards of $500 to have an initial consultation. There was no guarantee that I would be accepted as a client. The Lacy Employment Law Firm can give you a FREE HONEST and REALISTIC assessment about your situation. This will explain to you if your chances are low of winning. Firms that are desperate for clients may be open to taking any case regardless of merits. Paying legal fees in a case that you are unlikely to win is the last thing you want. You won't have to worry about it happening if you first contact The Lacy Employment Law Company. It is likely that the majority of negative reviews on this website are from people who were informed the truth about their situation, their realistic options, and that it was not what they wanted.

An employer must be held responsible if they misuse funds, violate safety regulations or break any other laws. Of all the people involved in the violation, often they are the ones who actually know.

You might be eligible to receive compensation if you were the victim of harassment sexually, including unwelcome advances or demands for sexual favors.

The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that has a team of labor and employment attorneys in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. The firm's practice focuses on employment litigation. This includes wrongful termination and discrimination due to disability, race or sexual orientation. The firm also handles wrongfully withheld wages and executive contract violations. It is made up of several experienced trial lawyers, who are specialized in employment law.

Employees must be paid for all hours they work, overtime, and any extra hours worked over 40 hours per weeks. This right is protected under various federal laws and Pennsylvania laws. Unfortunately, some employers may misuse these exemptions.

The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia law firm, serves the surrounding communities. It protects civil rights of employees who have been victim to unjustified job actions, discrimination due to their race or gender, disability, age, or religion. The services cover workplace harassment, wrongful detentions, and police abuse. Danny Cevallos represents clients in federal as well as territorial courts. As MSNBC's law analyst, he also addresses legal issues in the news.

We are exclusively focused on representing individuals in claims against current and potential employers. We are 100% Employee Rights focused. Each case is treated individually. We are sensitive to your rights and your livelihood. Therefore, we put our money where the mouth is. We don't get paid until you win.

Below are some of the results we have achieved. Every case is unique, and each case must be viewed on its own merits. You may get different results depending on your specific facts and legal circumstances. Due to confidentiality agreements by corporate employers, we cannot refer to more than 2,000 settlements that our clients have obtained. We are proud of these settlements, just as we are of the small number that we can publically reference below.


A: Employees have a variety of rights related to time off if they're injured or fall ill. For example, in workplaces covered by the Federal Medical Leave Act, workers are allowed to take up to 12 weeks off without losing their position in a company. The leave is unpaid unless PTO time can be used to cover it. Employees may also have rights to file a workers' comp claim if they're injured on the job. All of these laws cover different situations and types of employers, and an employment attorney can help you understand what rights you have.

The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm in Philadelphia that also has New Jersey and New York employment and labor lawyers, is known for its team. The firm's main focus is employment litigation. It also handles matters such as wrongfully Withheld Wages, Executive Contract Violations, Whistle-blower Retaliation, or other employee issues. The law office includes several experienced trial lawyers who specialize in employment law.

For over 40 years, we've been at the forefront to change employment law. Our goal is to make work more productive for all employees and help employers stay compliant.

The Lacy Employment Law was formed in Philadelphia in 2011. The firm also has offices located in New York and Newark. The firm represents employees in all aspects related to employment law, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and FLSA violations, hostile work environments, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. The firm also handles ADA complaints and violations. The firm has extensive experience in representing clients before state and federal courts.

The Lacy Employment Law employs every staff member to ensure that clients' rights are protected. Each case is unique and every client receives personal attention from our staff. The Lacy Employment Law's team is well-versed in a wide range of employment law issues and are dedicated to providing exceptional legal service to employees with challenging issues.

Federal, State, and Local laws say that employers who make decisions based in part on sex or race, religion, color, disability, age, or national origin may be liable for monetary damages.

The Law Office of The Lacy Employment Law was founded in 1984. It has a team of Philadelphia employment lawyers who serve clients throughout the region and Southern New Jersey. The firm's employment law practice represents employees who have been victims to workplace harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination. American Academy of Trial Attorneys named Christopher F. Bagnato, the founding partner, one of the Primer 100 Trial Attorneys of Pennsylvania.

They are honest and hardworking attorneys that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional, sincere group. All my phone calls were returned quickly. They did a great job and I would definitely use them again.

We strongly believe that no person should be treated unfairly or illegally. Our firm focuses solely on representing employees involved with workplace disputes with their current, past and potential employers.


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Here are some questions that you should ask. How long will my case take? Am I better off settling early? Will you drop my case if we do not settle after the EEOC process? Have you handled this type of case before? How much of your practice is devoted to employment law?

Employment and labor attorneys in Philadelphia, PA tend to be aggressive. Even securing legal counsel for a wrongful termination suit can be challenging due to the overwhelming volume of employment litigation in Philadelphia, PA. When you�re fighting to enforce federal civil rights laws and stop workplace discrimination, large companies take notice. But just because large companies and their employment law attorneys are aggressive, does not make sure you should be scared. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And we have a proven track record of taking on Goliath.

Employment law is much more than workplace discrimination. You might need legal counsel to help with employment agreements, contract negotiations, or a severance agreement review. There is also law that applies specifically to public sector employees. New Jersey employment laws differ from Philadelphia employment laws. And there are aspects of business law with an employment element as well. Perhaps you saw some illegal activity at work, then you can bring whistleblower claims. Did you suffer a personal injury at work? Then you have a workers compensation claim. Maybe your employer is accusing you of breaching a non-compete agreement or taking trade secrets with you to a new company. You will definitely need us in this case. There are so many different aspects of employment law. Give us a call and find out.